Training your Rottweiler



Rottweilers are one of the best breed around who offer perfect obedience to their master, and thus ”Rottweiler training” is one of the most popular terms searched on the World Wide Web. A dog that is not trained well cannot perform the daily tasks that the owner would ask of them, and that’s the main reason why we are writing this article about Rottweiler training. If you are new in the world of Rottweiler’s, continue reading and find out what would be the best solution for your dog.

A Rottweiler will be loyal to his owner

One of the things you should know is that a Rottweiler is a very possessive dog, not only does he protects his master, he also protects his belongings. How does he know what is yours? Well, he knows your smell, and whatever has it – it is yours and he will protect it. That’s why the Rottweiler’s had a special Rottweiler dog training in the early years where they would be trained for watching out the stores of their owners, and also gardens with vegetables and houses with valuable things. If you will want to train your Rottweiler properly, then you should know that and use it in to your advantage. One of the best things would be that you have a cabinet somewhere high of the ground and the dog food and threats located in it. The thing is, only you can open that cabinet and the dog will know that and respect you for that.

How to start the Rottweiler training?

First of all you can’t train a puppy if it’s not older than 1 month. After that you can start with some smaller things like “come,” “sit,” “paw,” and so on, but for some proper Rottweiler training you have to wait for a few more weeks. In other words, young Rottweiler’s can learn most of the things when they are older than seven weeks. Usually then the breeders or the owners start with their training and continue with it for the next half or one year. If you take a good look at it, it’s the same as with all the other animals. If you are stubborn enough and continuously work with your dog and improve your Rottweiler dog training skills, you may get a really good dog out of him in no longer then six months.

What if I don’t have time for him?

Dogs need time and need people around them who will care and play with them. This means that if you don’t have time to train your Rottweiler, you have to have time for playing with him. You can assign the whole Rottweiler training to another person who would work with your dog and get him back to you trained and without any issues in social communication. But, again, we always recommend that the actual owner works with the dog, and that other people should play only a minor role In the life of a Rottweiler.

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